Compact 40,000 psi
Aqua-Dyne© GA100DS
Pump Systems
Compact    5’x9’ skid with integral fuel tank and air reservoir
Reliability    Unmatched in the industry
Accessibility    All parts easily serviced
Models    Up to 250 HP, 10.7gpm diesel or electric, trailer or skid
Fast Rotary Guns
Speed   Speed 3,000 rpm. by 6 CFM air motor
Weight   8.5 lbs. Industry's lightest.
Seal   5 minutes replacement
Actuation   Manual trigger sets pressure and no external tumble box is required.

TSC Inspection Systems is the sole supplier of the Alternating Current Field Measurement ( ACFM ) technology. Its latest product the AMIGO, is a new lightweight , multi- frequency site instrument capable of supporting ACFM array technology.

ACFM was initially introduced into the Oil and gas Industry in 1991 for the inspection of welded joints on offshore platforms and process plant . ACFM provides reliable detection and sizing of cracks in metallic components and can be used through paint and coatings . High temperature probes can also be used to avoid the need to shut down process plant. It has now replaced MPI and dye penetrants in many cases . ACFM provides a permanents record of inspections, which can be stored on floppy disks and can be replayed audited and produced in hard copy for report purposes.

The rapid and reliable inspection capability of ACFM has led to it being used in the public safety areas of theme park roller coaster rides and bridge inspection , where large cost saving were records . It is also used in the road and rail transport area ,and nuclear, power generation , and aerospace industries.

New probe and instrumentation development has allowed TSC to introduce a lightweight, rugged ACFM instrument with long battery life ,the AMIGO, with many features. For example ,TSC’ s Fast Area Scan and Track NDT (FAST-NDT) system, based on ACFM array technology, is now available in the AMIGO.

FAST-NDT uses the TSC multi-element array technology, which allows rapid scanning of wide cap welds and plate, both topside and underwater , and has been applied to :

Drillstring Thread Inspection

Ship Hull Inspection

Theme Park Rides

Titanium Risers

Nuclear Installations

Tank Floor and Wall Inspections

Outer Space Applications


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